Episode 81: Jesus Is My Boyfriend?

God is invisible, ineffable, and untouchable. So… how do we love God? Jesus faces off with his religious authorities in Matthew 22:34-40, and Kris ties it into the Protestant Reformation, dinosaurs, erotic poetry, contemporary praise music, South Park, and pot roast… like you do… all to answer that timeless question: how do we love God?

Kris calls the first part of Jesus’ response the shema. What is a shema? Great question! Click here for a brief description.

Here is the book Susan and Kris often reference about The Five Love Languages. Briefly, they are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. You don’t have to have the same primary love language as your partner to thrive, but being aware of each other’s love languages can help spouses, parents, and friends as they deepen their relationships and learn how to demonstrate their love and care for one another.

To read St. John of the Cross’s poem “On a dark night” (also called “Dark Night of the Soul”) for yourself, click here.

The South Park episode Kris references is called “Christian Rock Hard” (S7, Ep9). But she isn’t going to link it for you 🙂

To read Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, translated into English, click here. Although there are also several credible sites that will give you a fairly comprehensive summary, which may work just as well.

Here’s Susan’s sermon on the Protestant Reformation: Episode 80: Playdoh Protestants.

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