Episode 83: Saints and Children

How are Christians, who believe in the Trinity, still able to call themselves monotheistic? Welcome to the world of scandalous theology. Your host, Kris, will share some of the radical ideas in the church about the nature of God, the nature of saints, and just why exactly you are one, too. Join us to learn about perichoresis, co-inherence, deiformity, and 1 John 3:1-3.

Learn more about Perichoresis, Co-inherence, and Deiformity.

Here’s the poem Kris read from Steve Garnaas-Holmes: “Halloween costume”

Here are the three questions for further reflection:

  1. Who are the saints in your live? Who has helped you know you were loved, and drawn you into a relationship where you deepened your understanding of what God’s love is like?
  2. What costume are you wearing? What are you afraid of, and what do you hide behind? Who are you when you take it off?
  3. To whom are you sainting? In other words, name three or four people you are pouring yourself into, so that they also know they are loved, and understand God’s love.

Here is the Frederick Buechner quote:

We are all of us more mystics than we believe or choose to believe…. We have seen more than we let on, even to ourselves. Through some moment of beauty or pain, some sudden turning of our lives, we catch glimmers at least of what the saints are blinded by; only then, unlike the saints, we tend to go on as though nothing has happened. To go on as though something has happened, even though we are not sure what it was or just where we are supposed to go with it, is to enter the dimension of life that religion is a word for.  

Here’s Susan’s sermon on Saints: Episode 82: The Power of All Saints

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