S2 E4: Love Sharpens the Axe

While the other three gospels all start with some variant of birth story, the gospel of Mark requires us to wrestle with a wild man in the desert before we are allowed to see Jesus up close. And what does the wild man want? Like Isaiah, he tells us to prepare a way for the God of righteousness and justice to work. So Kris gets into Mark 1:1-8 and three ways we prepare for God to show up in our world: personally, locally, and regionally. With an axe and a shower scene thrown in for good measure.

Check out the links below the sound file to learn more about the stories shared in this podcast.

Rethink Church Advent Photo-a-Day Prayer Practice

Reno law prohibits building second Reno homeless shelter.

Temporary winter shelter in downtown Reno to provide refuge for up to 40 homeless people

States to try new ways of executing prisoners. Their latest idea? Opioids.

The Death Penalty: United Methodist Social Principle



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