S2, E11: Livin’ that Magi Life

When it comes to the story of our faith, there is a lot we know, and there’s even more that we know we don’t know. Perhaps that’s why Epiphany is not a single event in the church calendar, but a season and a series of encounters with the God who continues to open our eyes and hearts and minds and doors to the truth and the glory of the reign of justice and love. Kris shares some epiphanies, from silly to the serious, as we discuss Matthew 2:1-12.

Read more about Emmett Till, and his horrifying murder which catalyzed the civil rights movement.

One thought on “S2, E11: Livin’ that Magi Life

  1. This was an awesome podcast! I love these so much. Being that I have medical issues that sometimes make it difficult to get into church I have been finding these so enlightening. This one I really loved and as i heard about Kris speaking about the magi I kept hearing the song by james taylor about the Magi. It his from his never die young album and the song is entitled “Home by another way.”


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