S2 E14: Demons on the Daily

So… do the demons freak you out in the Bible? No worries. There’s lots of ways to understand what those are, and in all of those understandings, the truth holds that Jesus’ mission is to liberate us from the worst things that grip us: our guilt, shame, fear, and bitterness. Susan takes a look at Mark 1:21-28 and how Person-First Language helps us form a more gracious understanding of who we all are individually and together.

To learn more about the LEAD Conference, podcast, or view videos of speaker presentations from past conferences, check out UMCLead.net.

DEMONS?!?!?! Are you serious?!?! Well… yes. But, to quote a famous philosopher, “you keep using that word, and I don’t think it means what you think it means.”  Here’s a brief write up from a trusted author about demons / Satan / demonic possession that puts the writings in the Bible about such things into historical context, theological context, and practical context for us today: Brian McLaren Q&R on Demons.

Here’s a link to the book Kris mentioned that describes demons in terms of the oppressive living conditions of being under the rule of empire: Matthew and the Margins by William Carter.

Here’s a link to learn more about Person-first Language.

This is the poem that Susan read at the conclusion of the episode: “Demons” by Steve Garnaas-Holmes (January 25, 2018). You can find more of Pastor Steve’s reflections, or subscribe to a daily devotional written by him, at unfoldinglight.net.

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