S2 E16: Coming to a Baptismal Font Near You

The mystical, magical, majestic love of God is something we can’t quite get a full hold on, but we try. One of the ways we try is through baptism! Susan expounds on Isaiah 40:21-31 in this most recent episode about an outward sign of an invisible grace.

Here’s some more about what baptism means to us in the United Methodist Church.

Here’s what we say in our United Methodist Baptismal Ceremony. This is actually not EVERYTHING we say, because there is some liturgy the pastor uses that is not included here… but it’ll give you an idea.

Been baptized before and want to experience it again? We don’t baptize more than once, but there are some ways in your every day life you might try to remember your baptism — not the day someone put water on your head, but the experience of God’s grace. Here is an article with five ways to remember your baptism.

Kris couldn’t find the song John shared, but check out David Crowder’s “Stars” for another musical interpretation of the grace we celebrate in baptism.

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