S2 E41: Who Are You?

The terrible beauty of the Bible is not whether or not the stories actually happened, but that they continue to happen. Guest preacher Devin Gardner breaks open the story of Jacob in the context of the queer rights movement, church inclusivity, thriving after domestic abuse, and his own struggle with claiming his identity in the face of overwhelming opposition. Don’t miss this Pride Sunday sermon on Genesis 32:22-32.

Watch Sylvia Rivera’s “Y’all Better Quiet Down” Speech from the 1973 Gay Pride Rally on Vimeo.

More about the anti-trans protests at London Pride.

To learn more about how the church caved to Roman social norms and kicked women and the poor out of leadership, check out When Women Were Priests by Karen Jo Torjesen.

There are tons of resources for LGBTQ folks and LGBTQ Christians, for all sorts of purposes: education, support, discernment, spiritual growth, and more. Here’s a few great places to start: Reconciling Ministries Network resource pageSoulForce website, and Matthew Vines’ book God and the Gay Christian.

Here are some more things Devin recommends: The Liturgists PodcastThe Robcast (Rob Bell’s podcast)

And here are some other wonderful things Devin has written recently: Power, FearProud.


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