S2 E44: God Doesn’t Play Sportsball

Thank you for your patience! We are still catching up from a summer of busyness. We are going to start posting more often in the coming weeks to play a little catch-up. Here’s a Father’s Day episode for your listening pleasure….

The gospel is not something you can win at! There is only the process: learning, growing, listening, discovering, and sometimes, letting God do the heavy lifting. Kris takes a look at our paltry frameworks of winning and losing in the light of the parable in Mark 4:26-34.

Those parenting books we recommended in the podcast? They’re a little dated (which you’ll see in some of the examples), but they’re still totally relevant, I think! Here’s a link to the book on seven year olds. The authors are Louise Bates Ames and Carol Chase Haber, and you can find a book on each year of development of an average child. They are also blessedly short! Just over a hundred pages or so, and a great support for anyone who needs a voice of wisdom and sanity in the whirlwind that is parenting. 🙂

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