Breathing Under Water: What Comes Around Must Go Around (Step 12)

Everything that is alive breathes… both in, and out. When we limit one of those movements, we suffocate. The same goes with a healthy spiritual life and a life of recovery — we have to keep drawing breath into ourselves, and we have to share our breath with others. Kris and Susan wrap up the series on addiction and recovery based on the book Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the 12 Steps by Richard Rohr.

Step 12 states, having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Scripture for this podcast includes:

O Lord, by these things people live,
    and in all these is the life of my spirit.
    Oh, restore me to health and make me live!
Surely it was for my welfare
    that I had great bitterness;
but you have held back my life
    from the pit of destruction,
for you have cast all my sins
    behind your back.
The living, the living, they thank you,
    as I do this day;
fathers make known to children
    your faithfulness.
Isaiah 38:16-17,19

…things that we have heard and known,
    that our ancestors have told us.
We will not hide them from their children;
    we will tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might,
    and the wonders that he has done…
Psalm 78:3-4

[Jesus said,] “Simon, Simon, listen! Satan has demanded to sift all of you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your own faith may not fail; and you, when once you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” 
Luke 22:31-32

[Jesus said,] “Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. You received without payment; give without payment.”
Matthew 10:8

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