Season 4 is dropping this week!

That’s right, friends, we’re back!

It’s been a long ol’ pandemic for sure, and coupled with some other personal stuff Susan and I have had going on, we haven’t been able to record, edit, or post in over two years!

But, it’s time!

So here we go again… We’ll post at least one episode a week, and they’ll be short enough to finish on a trip back and forth to the grocery store in your car. Most of the time. Unless I get going on a tangent. Which sometimes happens. Give a preacher a microphone, ya know?

In order to save me a bit of time, I’m not going to clean them up as much as I usually would. We’ll still try to edit sound levels so they’re fairly consistent, but you may hear a fair number of “uh” and “like” and maybe even a few stutters. This is how we talk… thanks for letting us be human. After all, this is a podcast we actually pay to put up — no ads, no subscriptions, and we’re not professionals 🙂 We hope it’s not too distracting and the gain in time makes up for the loss in diction 🙂

So, feel free to like and subscribe! Recommend us to a friend! Or just enjoy us yourselves. You can find us anywhere you listen to podcasts, and we’re glad to be back with you.


Kris Gallagher

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