The Golden Rule Tastes Like Chicken

How can loving God and loving your neighbor be the same thing? And why on earth would it taste like chicken? Kris dives into Luke 10:25-37 and finding what is holy on the ground.

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What is the Shema, you ask? Well. Have a click šŸ™‚

Prooftexting: Kris said Jesus prooftexted the Hebrew Bible. She was joking, but here is what prooftexting actually is: using a decontextualized quotation from a document (often, but not always, a book of the Bible) to establish a proposition rhetorically through an appeal to authority. In other words, prooftexters might take an out-of-context quote from Leviticus, and another from Romans, and put them together and interpret them to mean something that neither the people who originated Leviticus or Romans were considering. Bewaaaaaare!

And point those fingers responsibly.

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