Money Stories: Sunday School Quarters & Remembering

Most people we know don’t like talking about money. Maybe they have it, maybe they don’t, but it’s uncomfortable to bring up! It’s good to know we didn’t invent complaining–the Hebrew people perfected it long ago and it served them well! They complained about slavery and God led them to freedom; they complained about not having enough to live on, and God provided and also invited them to think about living differently. They had a money story, and so do we– and it’s important to be able to remember it! So we are kicking off our series on stewardship with remembering our own money stories. No shame allowed!

If you are looking for tools to help you rethink how you relate to money, here are some of our favorites:

Some churches teach Financial Peace University. While the practices are okay, the theory is theologically pretty different from what you’ll find on the podcast, and it is probably not right for everybody. There are are lot of alternatives! Do a Google. See what you can find. Especially for women and POC, there are a lot of wonderful folks out there trying to help us get control of our resources and find a way to build confidence and set goals.

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