There are a lot of things we can’t give you with a website, a podcast, and a Facebook page.

We can’t give you the supportive intergenerational community you experience in church,
the opportunities to reach out and help someone else,
the tasty cookies during fellowship time,
or the sense of awe that comes with sitting in a space
where so many have sat, and stood, and prayed,
and sung together over the decades.
There is something truly special about being together that we can’t recreate here.

But… we’ll give you what we can.

We are the Reverends Kris Marshall and Susan Foster, friends and ordained United Methodist Elders in the California-Nevada Annual Conference, both currently serving in Reno, Nevada. We are giving you a chance to listen in on what we do every Sunday afternoon, keeping the conversation we start in the sermon going. We cooked up this idea to help our church folks connect when they’re away from home, and to have another excuse to hang out together and talk about what we both love the most — faith, hope, and grace.