Episode 49: Spirit of Truthiness

The Spirit of God in scripture is never contained to the places most people think it "should" be... Kris tells a story from Numbers 11:24-30 (and Acts 2:1-21) about God inspiring people to speak truth, even when they're not in the "right place" at the "right time." Then we talk about the other people who continue to … Continue reading Episode 49: Spirit of Truthiness

Episode 48: Pentecost Acts Now

Back from vacation, Susan leads us down on a wild goose chase for flaming tongues, brisk winds, and worship tricks as we talk about the Pentecost story in the Acts 2:1-21. We search out the Holy Spirit as both comfort and cattle prod in the biblical story and in our own lives. For more on … Continue reading Episode 48: Pentecost Acts Now

Episode 47: God Is Bigger than the Boogey Man

The farewell speech of Jesus to his disciples in John 14 has been used to claim the exclusive truth of Christianity for a long time, but is that what Jesus really meant to leave people with? Kris talks Imposter Syndrome, trusting God, and trusting that God is bigger than religion's hubristic mistakes. Here's a link … Continue reading Episode 47: God Is Bigger than the Boogey Man

Episode 45: Together, We Can…?

We are all different -- but tension does not stem from being different. Tension stems from not seeing our shared humanity. Between Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, personality types and some Wesleyan/Islamic theology, Kris discusses Hebrews 12:1-3 and how we run the race, not the same, but together.

Episode 44: Jesusgate 2017

There are the garden gates to keep pests out, baby gates to keep babies in, the gates of hell and the pearly gates of heaven to keep everyone else in their place, and government scandals that all attach -gate to the ends of other words... but what does Jesus really mean when he says he … Continue reading Episode 44: Jesusgate 2017

Episode 40: Stagecoach Faith

When pioneers were taking stagecoaches to travel the great West, there were three kinds of tickets they could buy - and one meant that when there was trouble, it was their task to get out and push. Susan tells us about Jesus' return to his disciples after the resurrection in John 20:19-31, when he lets them … Continue reading Episode 40: Stagecoach Faith