S3 E6: Fig Trees and Falling Ash

Turns out, most things shouldn't surprise us. If we're paying attention, we will notice and be able to respond compassionately to the warning signs around us. Kris spends a little time thinking about death, disaster, and the lessons of Pompeii as we look at Mark 13:24-37. Curious about Pompeii? Check out this article: Actually, It … Continue reading S3 E6: Fig Trees and Falling Ash

S3 E1: A Starry Advent

What does the second coming of Christ look like to you? Is it more Armageddon or Hunger Games? Does the world go out with a bang or a whimper? Glimpses of God in the world aren't reserved to calm, quiet moments; sometimes God is present when it feels like our whole world is crumbling around … Continue reading S3 E1: A Starry Advent