What Can’t Wait: Joy (Advent 3)

In the season of hustle and bustle, there are a few things that just can't wait. Joy is one of them, and the third one discussed by Susan during her sermon on the Magnificat in Luke 1 on the third Sunday of Advent. Find out more about what Susan was talking about: Showing Mary by … Continue reading What Can’t Wait: Joy (Advent 3)

S3 E7: Blue Christmas

Sometimes it's okay not to be okay. In the midst of big moments of grief, we often want to rush the healing process. But like babies growing up, like Jesus maturing before he began his ministry, we have to let the healing work of God have time to bloom in us. The waiting can be … Continue reading S3 E7: Blue Christmas

S3 E2: Scratch and Sniff Nativity, and Other Invisible Truths

It's hard to hear an unpleasant truth, but it's nearly impossible to hear a beautiful one. Why do we insist on making Christmas so tender and mild, and what happens if we let it speak to us an uglier truth? Kris delves into Jeremiah 33:14-16 in this Advent episode of the podcast. Check out Peter … Continue reading S3 E2: Scratch and Sniff Nativity, and Other Invisible Truths

S2 E8: What Do You See? (Christmas Eve)

What we see often says a lot about us.... so what do you see? Do you see the mess in the world? Can you also see the presence of Christ in the midst of it? Kris spends her Christmas Eve sermon looking at Isaiah 9:2-7 and John 1:1-14 and pondering how we experience divine incarnation in the … Continue reading S2 E8: What Do You See? (Christmas Eve)

S2 E7: God Makes this World Our Home (Advent 4)

We know Christmas is important and all, but do you know the story of your own birth? Kris and Susan join together to discuss Luke 1:46-55, Mary's Magnificat, with detours through the world of "Hamilton," birth stories, and Meister Eckhart... leading slowly to the point: Jesus' birth is just one example of the ways we … Continue reading S2 E7: God Makes this World Our Home (Advent 4)

S2 E5: Joy Is Our True Home (Advent 3)

Paul and Pollyanna show up to help us understand that Christian identity has less to do with what warms the cockles of your heart and more to do with how you relate to the world and culture around you. Rejoicing always, praying without ceasing, and giving thanks in all circumstances is where they suggest we … Continue reading S2 E5: Joy Is Our True Home (Advent 3)

S2 E4: Love Sharpens the Axe

While the other three gospels all start with some variant of birth story, the gospel of Mark requires us to wrestle with a wild man in the desert before we are allowed to see Jesus up close. And what does the wild man want? Like Isaiah, he tells us to prepare a way for the … Continue reading S2 E4: Love Sharpens the Axe

S2 E3: Home Is Where We Meet (Advent 2)

Got a favorite holiday movie? So many of them seem to have the theme of coming home. So, where does God live? Where is home? And what does home mean to you? Susan takes a good look at Psalm 85 in this week's sermon for the second Sunday in Advent. Here's Netflix's controversy over The … Continue reading S2 E3: Home Is Where We Meet (Advent 2)