Episode 64: Messy and Miraculous

Your body is complicated and suprising and functional (and sometimes dysfunctional)... so it's a perfect metaphor for how we have to try to work together in Christian community. Kris wows us (and perhaps grosses us out) with fun facts about the human body and thoughts on Romans 12:1-8. To do your part and donate to … Continue reading Episode 64: Messy and Miraculous

Episode 55: Your Story Matters

Church is not full of people who are perfect; church is broken people trying to choose love and doing it imperfectly. And what changes you for the better, may change someone else... but only if you can tell them your story. ┬áKris reports in on what Kimmy Schmidt, the Theology of I Don't Feel Like … Continue reading Episode 55: Your Story Matters

Episode 53: Somebody Should Really Do Something

"Somebody should really do something about ________...." Well, how about you? The work of the church is many, varied, and only sometimes successful, but the result should always be healing and liberation. Kris talks about Matthew 9:35-10:8, how the church has lived up to and failed to live up to its permanent homework assignment from … Continue reading Episode 53: Somebody Should Really Do Something

Episode 44: Jesusgate 2017

There are the garden gates to keep pests out, baby gates to keep babies in, the gates of hell and the pearly gates of heaven to keep everyone else in their place, and government scandals that all attach -gate to the ends of other words... but what does Jesus really mean when he says he … Continue reading Episode 44: Jesusgate 2017