S2 E27: Covenantal Calesthenics

Life evolves! From grandmas learning to text, to tattoos that change in meaning, to contracts and relationships and even our understanding of who God is… we are each evolving, too! Why wouldn’t God? Susan unpacks Jeremiah 31:31-34 and John 12:20-33 and discusses the difference between being constant and being unchanging. Here are the lyrics. Hearing … Continue reading S2 E27: Covenantal Calesthenics

S2 E19: The Sticky Notes on God’s Bathroom Mirror

In the midst of all the highs and lows of life that sweep our emotions around, how do we keep hold of who we are? Susan talks about the wilderness between the promises of God and the fulfillment of those promises by God using Genesis 9:8-17 and Mark 1:9-15 (Noah's ark and Jesus's baptism, respectively). … Continue reading S2 E19: The Sticky Notes on God’s Bathroom Mirror

S2 E2: God Is Not Your Superhero

We love superheroes! Love them! But it occurs to us they only ever really fix the problems they have also created, and we cannot depend on them to sweep in and fix all the day to day stuff that breaks our hearts. This Advent, as we await God's breaking into the world again, it's important … Continue reading S2 E2: God Is Not Your Superhero