Breathing Under Water: Is This Overkill? (Step 10)

If making amends is the most well-known step in the recovery process, step 10 is probably the most overlooked. How do we take ongoing personal inventory without driving ourselves crazy with criticism? Kris and Susan continue to explore the themes of addiction, recovery, and salvation based on Richard Rohr's book Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and … Continue reading Breathing Under Water: Is This Overkill? (Step 10)

S2 E41: Who Are You?

The terrible beauty of the Bible is not whether or not the stories actually happened, but that they continue to happen. Guest preacher Devin Gardner breaks open the story of Jacob in the context of the queer rights movement, church inclusivity, thriving after domestic abuse, and his own struggle with claiming his identity in the … Continue reading S2 E41: Who Are You?

S2 E16: Coming to a Baptismal Font Near You

The mystical, magical, majestic love of God is something we can't quite get a full hold on, but we try. One of the ways we try is through baptism! Susan expounds on Isaiah 40:21-31 in this most recent episode about an outward sign of an invisible grace. Here's some more about what baptism means to … Continue reading S2 E16: Coming to a Baptismal Font Near You

S2 E5: Joy Is Our True Home (Advent 3)

Paul and Pollyanna show up to help us understand that Christian identity has less to do with what warms the cockles of your heart and more to do with how you relate to the world and culture around you. Rejoicing always, praying without ceasing, and giving thanks in all circumstances is where they suggest we … Continue reading S2 E5: Joy Is Our True Home (Advent 3)

Episode 63: Rocks, Keys, and Tools

Jesus changes one of his disciple's names to "Rocky," and announces that the whole church is built on enthusiastic followers, even when they are inconsistent like Simon. The conversation touches on "Dogma," funny stories from ministry, tattoos, Frank Turner (explicit lyrics)¬†(or this one about tattoos¬†), Anne LaMott, Oscar Romero, and "The Good Place" as Susan … Continue reading Episode 63: Rocks, Keys, and Tools