Episode 63: Rocks, Keys, and Tools

Jesus changes one of his disciple's names to "Rocky," and announces that the whole church is built on enthusiastic followers, even when they are inconsistent like Simon. The conversation touches on "Dogma," funny stories from ministry, tattoos, Frank Turner (explicit lyrics)¬†(or this one about tattoos¬†), Anne LaMott, Oscar Romero, and "The Good Place" as Susan … Continue reading Episode 63: Rocks, Keys, and Tools

Episode 58: Heaven Is Down to Earth

(This is the episode where Kris calls trans people boring.) Just like mustard seeds, yeast, and all the other diverse yet mundane things Jesus compares to the kingdom of God, we humans also embody heaven on earth. So why would we judge those who express that divine spark differently? Kris offers a basic primer on … Continue reading Episode 58: Heaven Is Down to Earth

Episode 52: Impossible Dreams

When you're a kid, it's expected you'll dream of what you want to be when you grow up. When you are a grown up, what do you do with your big dreams? Do you hold on, or let go? Susan tells us the story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18:1-15, and what they learn … Continue reading Episode 52: Impossible Dreams