S2 E34: What’s Your Story?

Every person's story has something to teach us about what God is like and how God works. Susan breaks down one story in Acts 8:26-40 and invites you to consider your story, how you tell it, and what it might teach us. To see the adorable couple from New Zealand's story, click on Saving the … Continue reading S2 E34: What’s Your Story?

Episode 61: Show Me Your Receipts

When it comes to most things in life, your impact far outweighs your intentions. It's true for Jesus as he gets on the case of some Judgey McJudgersons in Matthew 15:10-20, and it's true for us now. Often, the real measure of what we care about is seen not in what we think, but in … Continue reading Episode 61: Show Me Your Receipts