S2 E33: Awesome and Awful

How many things do we miss because we haven't taken the time to process our reactions around them? Jesus's disciples get a taste of this after the resurrection, and Susan breaks it down in reference to Luke 24:36b-48. Just in case you haven't heard of Harry Potter because you've been, we assume, trapped under something … Continue reading S2 E33: Awesome and Awful

S2 E16: Coming to a Baptismal Font Near You

The mystical, magical, majestic love of God is something we can't quite get a full hold on, but we try. One of the ways we try is through baptism! Susan expounds on Isaiah 40:21-31 in this most recent episode about an outward sign of an invisible grace. Here's some more about what baptism means to … Continue reading S2 E16: Coming to a Baptismal Font Near You