Home for Christmas: Hope (Advent 1)

In the midst of chasing that warm fuzzy feeling during the holiday season, what if the fierce and flurrying preparations were more of a distraction than a vehicle for finding the presence of the holy among us? Kris talks about what it means to be Home for Christmas in the discussion of Isaiah 2:1-5 and … Continue reading Home for Christmas: Hope (Advent 1)

S2 E49: First Street Gospel – Construction Zone

Construction zones are rampant, annoying, and ultimately incredibly important for how we live together in safe community. Kris analyzes Amos 7:7-9 and Psalm 85:8-13 for a look at how God's work and construction work can be painful and also essential for how we build strong. Here is a link to read "Atlas" by U.A. Fanthorpe. … Continue reading S2 E49: First Street Gospel – Construction Zone

S2 E3: Home Is Where We Meet (Advent 2)

Got a favorite holiday movie? So many of them seem to have the theme of coming home. So, where does God live? Where is home? And what does home mean to you? Susan takes a good look at Psalm 85 in this week's sermon for the second Sunday in Advent. Here's Netflix's controversy over The … Continue reading S2 E3: Home Is Where We Meet (Advent 2)

Episode 75: Thoughts and Prayers

Sick to the gills with politicians offering their "thoughts and prayers" without actually doing anything about the issues that lead to the tragedies that break our hearts? Us, too. So what do genuine prayers do? Do they change situations, or do they change us? Kris digs around in the murky waters of prayer, projection, misdirected … Continue reading Episode 75: Thoughts and Prayers