Episode 51: For When You Need Some Normal

Ever feel overwhelmed? Yeah, we thought so. Everyone does from time to time. So how do you hold on to your hope and maintain your perspective? Kris takes a look at Genesis 1:1-2:4 and offers a few simple guidelines for feeling grounded in the midst of chaos. Also, here is that promised link for Breath … Continue reading Episode 51: For When You Need Some Normal

Episode 44: Jesusgate 2017

There are the garden gates to keep pests out, baby gates to keep babies in, the gates of hell and the pearly gates of heaven to keep everyone else in their place, and government scandals that all attach -gate to the ends of other words... but what does Jesus really mean when he says he … Continue reading Episode 44: Jesusgate 2017

Episode 28: Restlessness

Ever get distracted? Perhaps during prayer, or important moments or events in your life, or just doing your everyday routine? (Squirrel!) Good news -- after much research and biblical study, we've decided you're completely normal. Susan digs into Matthew 11:28-30 and John 4 to help us find some centering in our restlessness.