S2 E49: First Street Gospel – Construction Zone

Construction zones are rampant, annoying, and ultimately incredibly important for how we live together in safe community. Kris analyzes Amos 7:7-9 and Psalm 85:8-13 for a look at how God's work and construction work can be painful and also essential for how we build strong. Here is a link to read "Atlas" by U.A. Fanthorpe. … Continue reading S2 E49: First Street Gospel – Construction Zone

S2 E28: For Such a Time as This

Trees get through storms by preparing, adapting, and supporting one another. Humans survive our storms in the same way. Jesus teaches us a little about what that looks like in John 12:20-33 and Kris draws some connections between his call to be prepared, to not avoid the storms, and to be strengthened through them using … Continue reading S2 E28: For Such a Time as This

Episode 64: Messy and Miraculous

Your body is complicated and suprising and functional (and sometimes dysfunctional)... so it's a perfect metaphor for how we have to try to work together in Christian community. Kris wows us (and perhaps grosses us out) with fun facts about the human body and thoughts on Romans 12:1-8. To do your part and donate to … Continue reading Episode 64: Messy and Miraculous