Breathing Under Water: Is This Overkill? (Step 10)

If making amends is the most well-known step in the recovery process, step 10 is probably the most overlooked. How do we take ongoing personal inventory without driving ourselves crazy with criticism? Kris and Susan continue to explore the themes of addiction, recovery, and salvation based on Richard Rohr's book Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and … Continue reading Breathing Under Water: Is This Overkill? (Step 10)

S3 E5: John the Baptist vs. Shopping Mall Santa

You better watch out, you better not cry... Actually, Advent is about watching out AND crying. Crying in the wilderness, that is! Changes we make because someone else ("Santa-God"?) might be watching rarely stick around. Changes we make because we are living into a preferred future have a much better chance. Susan digs into Luke … Continue reading S3 E5: John the Baptist vs. Shopping Mall Santa

S2 E46: First Street Gospel: Hospitals and Health Clinics

What do you think about when you pass a hospital, pharmacy, or health clinic? What if we let our surroundings inspire us to find ways to create true healing - space for people of all ability levels in our community? Kris dives into Mark 5:21-43 and its practical implications for us today.

S2 E37: A Sheet Ton of Bacon Cheeseburgers

What's your learning style? The kingdom of God is definitely hands-on learning... and Kris discusses some of God's practicums in Acts 10:44-48 and her own church.  

Episode 76: Joy-Shaped Heart

The baby donkey swinging on a hammock, or pictures of cute babies, or funny memes... these are some of the places we find bits of joy in our lives. In his letter to the Philippians (4:1-9), Paul describes a way we can shape our hearts with joy. Susan invites us to use our minds to … Continue reading Episode 76: Joy-Shaped Heart

Episode 52: Impossible Dreams

When you're a kid, it's expected you'll dream of what you want to be when you grow up. When you are a grown up, what do you do with your big dreams? Do you hold on, or let go? Susan tells us the story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18:1-15, and what they learn … Continue reading Episode 52: Impossible Dreams